Distance Reiki, say what?

Lock downs and social distancing have been the norm since the beginning of the pandemic. As a consequence I’ve been practicing more often Distance Reiki and have been asked numerous times to explain it.

Reiki is a non-invasive practice that can facilitate a sense of deep relaxation and help restore balance within the system. It can promote a sense of well-being that persists long after the session is over. Normally, during a Reiki session, the recipient is lying or sitting, fully clothed and the Reiki practitioner follows a protocol of hand placement with light touch.

Distance Reiki is Reiki practiced when the Reiki practitioner and the recipient are not physically together. But how?

I always say that the experience of Reiki is very personal and subjective, and I believe this to be true for both practitioner and recipient.

As a practitioner, in the presence of someone asking to experience Reiki, my hands get warm with a sensation, like a vibration, originating on the palm of the hand. Often, as it is happening in this very moment while I write about it, just thinking of Reiki elicits the same response in my hands. During an in-person session all I need to do is place my ‘activated’ hands gently, mindfully, and dispassionately on the recipient and there we are, both experiencing the wonder of Reiki.

I feel the same sensations in my hands while I practice Distance Reiki. All I need to do is think of the person requesting Reiki and my hands get warm with the Reiki vibration I just described.

It is as if the simple request for balance awakens the ability of Reiki to respond to such demand through my hands.

During a Distance Session, in the physical absence of the recipient, the mind tends to wander and get distracted. As a Reiki practitioner, I have a few tools to help it focus. Great help comes from a series of symbolic actions performed before, during and after the session, a ritual of sorts. Their repetition prepares me and serve as a reminder of the meaningfulness of the moment. Having something to hold between my Reiki hands during the Distance session is also very helpful. It can be a piece of paper where the name of the recipient is written, or a photo or something that represents the recipient in some other way.

The idea is to create and maintain a form of connection between practitioner and recipient. The easiest way to think of this connection is, for example, to remember the times you think of someone and the same person call you or come in touch with you, sometime out of nowhere. Or you can recall how the simple act of thinking of someone you miss “activates” a form of connection with that person, made of thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

In the same way, the act of practicing Reiki with somebody at distance creates a connection that is felt by both practitioner and recipient. In my own experience, this practice is akin to some form of meditation and prayer.

During the session, recipients currently report feelings of warmth, calm, lightness, and general wellbeing. They describe moments like the one before falling asleep, or the one before being fully awake, but stretched out in time. They feel their body very heavy or very light or both sensations at the same time. Some speak of momentary bliss or instants where “everything melts away”. “You were present” someone recently pointed out while describing our session.

Science has yet to understand the mechanism of action of Reiki practice, be it in-person or at distance. We simply do not know yet what takes place during a Reiki session, how and why. We generally need to understand new information intellectually before we can validate an experience and accept it, but this approach is not always helpful when we try to understand Reiki practice. If we tune in to our sensations and notice what is going on in our body during a Reiki session, the mind tends to quiet down and there is less of a drive to question and understand rationally. We become an observer and register the experience for how it feels and what it is.

It is certainly easier to recognize the response to Distance Reiki if you have already benefited from in-person Reiki or if you have a regular self-Reiki practice. But the best way to gain further understanding is certainly to try the technique for yourself. Distant Reiki is useful every time we cannot physically be with somebody: during a medical procedure, while travelling, and lately, if we need to comply with social distancing restrictions.

If you’d like to give it a try, like my Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/ReikiatOne/, and join our Distance Reiki Shares, every Friday at 1:00pm (montreal time)

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Artist, Reiki practitioner, constantly wondering why we do thing the way we do.

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