Coffee has zero calories. What are you grateful for?

I am trying to shed some of that lock- down-extra stuck on my hips and belly.

When we were told to stay home, my family bravely filled the void created by the unknown with an international cooking spree of epic proportion. Because, if there is something we know how to do, it’s cooking. Followed closely by eating.

So now, in this new phase – what is it? phase five or six? seven maybe? – I’m getting rid of the hip leftovers. It’s not much the look I’m not happy with, but I feel heavy and clogged – by fat yes, but also news, feeds, needs and all the feels – and I don’t like it. Plus, I spent last summer in those jeans in the picture and I really really like them. I want to be able to wear them again.

But you know what? I was in my bed this morning, still in that liminal space between sleep and wake, thinking at the first pleasure of the day, every day, and the thought came to me:

“Coffee has zero calories”

Are you fasting? you can still have you coffe.

Are you carb cycling? you can still have your coffee.

Counting calories? still, have your coffee.

Keto? Coffe. Vegan? Coffe. Zone? Coffe.

Now, THAT is something to be grateful for.

(if you drink tea, you are in luck because tea has zero calories too)

Published by Madi

Artist, Reiki practitioner, constantly wondering why we do thing the way we do.

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