Alone but not lonely

“On my Own”, like many of my projects, was born on a morning walk with my dog Kika. On the ground of a back alley I found the cicada wing who triggered the whole thing.

There was immediately something poignant about the lone wing. Cicadas and their sound always bring me back to my young Italian summers and their long slow lazy afternoons when it was too hot to do anything.

Was this one wing the lost one? or the one left?

I know it takes two wings to fly in the real world, but I imagined there was still a lot of flying left in this strong wing.

It was one wing alone, not a lonely wing.

“On my Own” turned out to be an ode to the strength I find in being alone and to the ability to still fly with what is left.

On my own

I make my own path

I find my true self.

In solitude

My needs and wants

are clear


I am present


I am enough.

The wing is stitched – that’s how strong it is! – to ecoprinted paper. The inside of the folded paper is richer than what the outside would lead one to believe.

People are like that, there is so much going on on the inside. Much more that we want to show.

Framed in a shadow box frame, the folded paper lets you peak inside…still, one needs to notice.

“On my Own” was exhibited at ‘Us, Connecting through Art’ gallery at the MUHC Cedars Cancer Centre at the Glen site during the exhibition “Beauty; a subjective term by nature, encapsulating and evoking emotions; it is not only seen, but felt.

On my Own” is 54x43x4cm, framed .

Cicada wing on ecoprinted folded paper, stitched on ecoprinted cotton.

Published by Madi

Artist, Reiki practitioner, constantly wondering why we do thing the way we do.

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