Make Magic

I love making talismans, amulets, and charms: little object infused with hope and magic.

I believe in magic. Do you?

A talisman translates my dreams and desires into something beautiful that I can touch and carry with me.

In any given situation, after I have done all in my control to create a favorable outcome, I pray, hope, and wish that what is not under my control arranges itself for the best result possible. The talisman represents those wishes: it acknowledges my limits and triggers my willingness to keep on doing what it takes to see them realized.

Because yeah…I still need to do the work, I still need to take action. The talisman will not make things happen for me otherwise.

The talisman is a reminder, a trigger for the magic, a prayer in physical form. It can be carried or hanged in our personal space.  

Like most of my creations, my talismans are entirely made with recycled materials and are strongly connected with Nature, my greatest teacher.

The eco printed fabric carries the imprint of the leaves gather in the neighborhood and in my garden. It speaks of home, safety, and habit in the sense of the everyday little things I do that make me feel grounded in the here and now.  It respects the cycle of the seasons and the limit of when and what can be gathered at every given moment.

I make all the talismans by hand and I want the stitching to be bold and untamed. Talismans carry hope and all sort of emotions: nothing that can be represented by subtle marking.

Since the talisman I make will end up in your hands, my role is to create a vessel and a “trigger” for your dreams and desires. Its use will be your decision and one that can change over time.

I put a seed in your talisman, symbol of good things to come and trust in Life and its cycles. And I leave an opening for you to complete the talisman and make it yours with a word, a poem, or a small object.

Because the talisman does not make magic, you do.

Published by Madi

Artist, Reiki practitioner, constantly wondering why we do thing the way we do.

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