Just for Today

As many of you know I am a Reiki Master.

It’s kind of funny to write “I am a Reiki Master” because I find labels of this kind, of any kind really, to be somehow limiting and limited. I mean, Reiki is so many different things to different people that I can’t help wondering what kind of associations come to mind when I wrote that I am a Reiki Master. Reiki is a spiritual practice to some, a healing modality to others, a way to channel Universal Energy, a relaxation technique, a form of meditation, a way to recharge and energise, a source for inspiration and creativity…

Regardless of what Reiki become through your experience of it, there is something every Reiki student learn pretty early on that I find has a power of its own: The Reiki Principles.

Originally expressed in Japanese by Dr Usui, the father of Reiki, they are interpreted in a few different ways, but generally translate in their simplest form as follows:

              Just for today, don’t get angry   

              Just for today, don’t worry

              Just for today, be grateful

              Just for today, do your best

              Just for today, be kind to everyone

When I first read the Principles, about 20 years ago, I remember I kept of going back to the first part of each one of them, the “Just for today” bit. I mean, I knew it was wise to not anger or worry and important to be grateful and kind and to always do my best. Those were concept I had already encountered on the path of personal development.

But I thought that “just for today”, was simply genius.

For me, “just for today” reframes everything – especially challenges and difficulties. It breaks anything down to a manageable form that I can handle, at least for today 😊

It helps manage a sense of overwhelm and deal with the unknown, because if it is” just for today”, I know I can do it. And it became a habit so, depending on the situation, it may sound like this:

Just for today, I will be gentle with myself

Just for today, I won’t think about that issue that only drains my energy

Just for today, I will be super productive and won’t be on social media

Just for today, I will only notice what makes me laugh

Just for today, I will let myself grieve

Just for today, I will work on (insert project)

So while we get ready to close gently the door of 2020 – or to slam it, up to you! – and to walk into 2021 I invite you to try it too, to see if “just for today” you can ….

Happy Solstice everyone.

Published by Madi

Artist, Reiki practitioner, constantly wondering why we do thing the way we do.

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