The latin word “limen”, the ethymological root for liminal, means threshold.

Standing on a threshold, I am “in between”: I am not who I was anymore, but I am not yet who I will be.

Like early in the morning, when I am not asleep but not fully awake.

Liminal is the point of transition and transformation from one state to another, from one stage to the next. It’s the point of change, the space in between. It is the potential, before the action.

Liminality is ambiguous, somewhat uncomfortable, and yet it can teach us a lot about who we are and what we can become. I think it is worth the detour.

Practicing Reiki and making art help me access my liminal space. The mind quiets down there and all is suspended, all is possible.

Liminal by madi is an invitation to explore the liminal. It is about getting to that magical space, the transformation that sometime happens there, and the art that comes of it.


I was born near Venice in Italy. I inherited from my father a certain sense of adventure and a form of relentless optimism, which certainly fueled the idea of living home in my early twenties to go study Chinese in Beijing.

I am fluent in English, French, Italian and can still manage some Mandarin. I have been an administrative secretary in Italy, an interpreter and a sale person in Beijing and Shanghai, the owner of a gelato business in Hong Kong.  During my 15 years in Asia I trained in kick boxing, karate, pilates and yoga, I became a mother and was initiated to the practice of Reiki.

I now live in Montreal, Canada with my husband, whom I met in Beijing in 1992, my two teenagers and the dog we brought with us when we moved from Hong Kong.  

Here in Montreal I am a Reiki practitioner on a team of complementary therapists at a local hospital. I have my small private Reiki practice and help my husband run his consulting business.

Healing art, visual art

For a few years, here in Montreal I owned Studio Energii, a community and complementary therapies centre, where we would practice Reiki, meditate, study shamanism and, with the lead of two Native women, sit in circle in our Moon Lodge.

I have always been creative, but my art started blooming during my work at the Studio. Listening to my clients, witnessing their transformation, sitting in circle with the women of the Moon Lodge, triggered in me the need to express my owns strengths, vulnerabilities, and transformations.

My shamanic studies guided me toward a form of sustainable art deeply connected with Nature. The natural world helps me make sense of our crazy human world. Ecoprint, found objects and repurposed materials are the backbone of my creations.

My mum does things with her hands all the time – cuddling, gardening, cooking, sewing, stitching, knitting, and embroidering. She taught me that there is not a tear that cannot be mended. Some mend turns out invisible, some other are an opportunity to use a colorful patch, all demand time and patience.

I hate working with gloves. I need the touch to feel.

I can help you get to your liminal space, I can open the door with you. You’ll have to do the crossing.

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