When given attention, the ordinary becomes extraordinary: in nature, in life, in people.

For more information about each project, please follow the link under the gallery of pictures when available. If you see something you like please contact me for pricing and payment details.

I accept commissions to create something personal to you.

“On my Own” – available

54x43x4cm, framed. Real cicada wing, ecoprinted paper and ecoprinted repurposed cotton.

“La voluptueuse et les sentiments”, personal diary – SOLD
Finger Labyrinths – available

Testimonial for a personalized Finger Labyrinth I made: “As the privileged owner of the Waterfall labyrinth … love the name … I would like to add that it is already a loyal companion to any moment of reflection and centering. I am very touched by the fact that my friend Madi made it for me, choosing the theme and the colors intuitively, and how so very fitting it is to my journey at the moment. Grazie soul sister!” – Daniela

Three moons – available

Description coming soon

Imperfection – available

Imperfection” is created on repurposed cotton fabric. The white moon is the result of a resist applied to the cloth dyed with black tea. I used silk thread to add the stitches. The imperfections revealed by the process gives a simple and natural feel to the final result. I dedicate this project to all moon lovers.

In Between – available

17.5×42.5cm unframed. Coffee ink and thread on ecodyed paper and fabric. Can be displayed standing as is or framed

Owl Moon – available

19×25,5cm, unframed. 15x20cm, framed. Real owl’s feather, silk thread, repurposed silk dyed with black tea

Your garment, reborn

Check this page for ideas on how we can give new life to worn out garments you still love and to check some of my latest projects for sale.

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