With 20 years of international experience and 8 years supporting oncology patients in hospital setting, I developed a simple and grounded approach to Reiki practice. I practice self Reiki everyday myself and I still marvel at what Reiki can teach.

“A little bit of Reiki is better than no Reiki” –Hawaio Takata

Reiki is a relaxing practice that involves a light laying on of hands on oneself or on a fully clothed recipient. It is accessible to anyone and complements well conventional medical treatments, often easing their side effects. Most common benefits reported after a Reiki session are a general sense of well being, improved sleep, better digestion and higher levels of energy.

Reiki helps me get to my liminal space, where the mind quiets down , all is suspended, all is possible.

In person Sessions/ Home calls

Cancelled until further notice.

During a Reiki session you are laying or sitting, fully clothed. I follow a protocol of hands placements with a very light touch. This protocol is very flexible and adaptable and when the situation requires it, instead of touching, the hands can hover a few inches from the body. You may notice a sensation of tingling or warmth where my hands are placed.

Reiki touch is mindful, comforting and dispassionate.

Since there is no manipulation, nothing is ingested and nothing is applied on the skin, the practice of Reiki is always considered safe.

If you’d like to know more about Reiki please check what I wrote here:

Individual Distance Reiki Sessions

Distance Reiki is Reiki practiced when the Reiki practitioner and the recipient are not physically together. It is useful every time we cannot physically be with somebody: during a medical procedure, while travelling, and lately, if we need to comply with social distancing restrictions.

It is enough for me to think of somebody in need of Reiki for my hands to “activate”. My hands get warm and tingling and start to feel like during an in-person Reiki session. The simple request for balance seems to awaken the ability of Reiki to respond to such demand through my hands.

Participants of Distance Reiki practice commonly reports sensations similar to the in-person sessions (sense of calm, lightness, general wellbeing).

One of the amazing thing of living in different places is that I ended up having friends and family all over the world. As a consequence I often use Distance Reiki. With the coronavirus pandemic, Distance Reiki has become the only way I practice.

This is what generally happens during a Distance Reiki session: “Distance Reiki, say what?”

60$ per Session – sliding scale available

Free Distance Reiki Share

In March 2020, when the coronavirus threw our lives upside down, I started practicing distance Reiki with a group of people that kept on growing. An everyday occurrence at the beginning of the lock down, our Reiki share happens now weekly, every Friday, at 1:00pm (Montreal time).

For more information and to signal your intention to participate please send me an e-mail or like the Facebook page REIKI at ONE

Free Reiki Talks

I love talking about what Reiki can do for you. Let’s discuss getting your group of friends, your family, your clients or your employees together for a down to earth presentation and a chance to try how Reiki feels like.

“Reiki is a phenomenally powerful, yet gentle and non -invasive healing modality. Whenever I have a session with Maddalena be it in person or distance, I feel so much better. Whatever needs to be balanced, be it physically, emotionally and/or spiritually, naturally falls into place. Maddalena generates calmness, kindness, compassion, and heartfelt generosity. It is important for me to feel comfortable and with Maddalena I feel that I am in very good hands.”

Mira, Montreal – on her in-person and distance Reiki experience

“I was going through a difficult time and having issues sleeping and concentrating. After my Reiki with Maddalena, I am more relaxed and focused. At times, I even drifted off to sleep during the session. I highly recommend it.”

Debbie, Montreal – on her in-person Reiki experience

“Weekly Reiki allows me the opportunity to participate in a global exchange of positive energy. Because I can freely do what I wish my weekly Reiki at One practices vary in content from yoga/meditation/making lunch for my teenager.
Regardless, I participate in as much silence and stillness as possible.  It ends my week on a positive note and helps keep me scheduled during a very difficult global time. Thank you Maddalena for creating the Reiki at One space.  Please continue this endeavor, I am eternally grateful

Ruth, Montreal – on her experience of our weekly Reiki share

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