Your Garment, reborn

Here you find some repurposed pieces for sale and ideas on how to revive a loved garment in need of some TLC.

Some of the following pieces are for sale, in which case I tell you the size and the price in the description (if you are not local to NDG, Montreal, Canada, we will have to add mailing expenses). Other pieces are for inspiration, in case you’d like me to create a piece just for you, maybe starting from something you have already – I don’t do alterations but I am not afraid of tears or stains.
Please keep in mind that ecoprinting is a natural process and as such it is difficult to completely control the final result, especially when working with fabric with already some life in it.

This was a boring cream color jean jacket. Now, ecoprinted with eucalyptus and roses leaves and embellished with a repurposed bell anklet, it has a lot of character and yes! it does jingle. – Size M – 108CAD$ + taxes.

That stubborn stain that wont go away on an otherwise well kept linen knit sweater? Well, its gone now – under one of the round patches of ecoprinted silk. I secured the silky moons in place with lightly rough stitches in keeping with the loose style of the original knit.

This is an originally cream linen tunic ecoprinted with geranium, roses, sumac, cotinus, oak and other leaves from my garden and the neighborhood. Size M – 108CAD$ + taxes.

Ditch the plastic with this sturdy, reversible, washable tote bag made with old curtains and a by now (helas!) too small pair of linen pants. 48CAD$ + taxes

I came back from my last trip in Asia in 2019 with this idea in mind. It is finally out of my head and stitched to this beautiful linen tunic. The koyfishes are cut out of ecoprinted silk and are stitched on the linen with silk thread. I used silk thread for teh embroideries as well. It is one of those one size fits all kind of garment that will look amazing on to of about anything – One size – 108CAD$ + taxes.

A special occasion? Marriage, graduation? that first bunch of roses from the one? We can print it to memory on a silk foulard or garment of your choice ( a silk camisole maybe?) and it will be forever with you.

Ecoprinting works well on knits too. Silk and wool are the best but cotton and linen are close second. I tend to avoid synthetic fabrics.

Boring, clear colored jackets can really be transformed in amazing work of arts with this technique.

Personalize it. Make anything uniquely yours with your favorite quote or motto.

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